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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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rearview of female looking at arrows points in opposite directions

Ask the health educator: “How do I deal with the pressure to be sexually...

A health educator offers advice on what to do if you're feeling pressure to be sexually active.
small dog staring into laptop

Feeling the pressure to be perfect? 4 ways to push back

Rate this article and enter to winBeing a person can be complicated. Being a perfectionistic person can be even more complicated. Those standards of yours? They’re so high you can’t see the top of...

Featured video: The don’t stress song

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Ask the academic advisor: How can I quit competing against and comparing myself to...

Rate this article and enter to win“How can I quit competing against and comparing myself to my peers?”—Rachel, Tacoma, WashingtonIt is human nature, isn’t it, to always judge ourselves against others academically? But when...

Capture your calm: 8 small steps to stress less

Rate this article and enter to winThe school year is coming to an end, and that usually means exams, projects, and papers. Feeling under pressure? For most of us, running away screaming from our...
A bottle of prescription pills spilled out

Rx drug abuse and stress: Healthier ways to deal

Rate this article and enter to win“A friend of mine overdosed last year on Adderall”, says Fay, of Amherst, Massachusetts. “He was experiencing a lot of stress with school, and instead of reducing his...